Online grocery shopping at Aldi

Order groceries online at the Aldi supermarket and have them delivered at home? Many consumers are eagerly waiting for the moment until Aldi also makes the complete range available online. Unfortunately, at the moment you will not find more than the offers of the week on It is possible to put the full range in a digital shopping cart, but only for click&collect. Home delivery is therefore not yet included. Unlike supermarkets such as Tesco and Iceland, you can’t order online at Aldi yet, and you can’t have your groceries delivered by Aldi. What we do know is that Aldi started home delivery in the UK on a small scale and offer click and collect on a much lager scale. So we certainly do not rule out the possibility that Aldi will certainly deliver groceries to home in the future!

About the Aldi stores
Aldi is originally a German supermarket chain, founded by the Albrecht brothers in 1948 (the name Aldi stands for ‘Albrechts Discounts’). The formula became a success and 7 years later there were already more than 100 Aldi stores. In 1976 the Aldi stores were also introduced abroad. Aldi currently has more than 6600 stores worldwide. The founders of Aldi, Theo and Karl Albrecht have been in the top 5 richest people in the world for years with an estimated wealth of 28 billion euros.

What service delivers Aldi?

Aldi owes its great success to the fact that they sell quality products at low prices. They achieve this by placing the stores on cheaper land just outside cities, employing (relatively) few staff and simply leaving the products on pallets (which saves a lot of work). Remarkably, Aldi offers ‘only’ about 700-1000 food products (at low prices), while a ‘normal’ supermarket has thousands of them. Aldi’s range is often limited, but it is solid. You will rarely find A-brands, there is often only 1 variant of Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise or Cola.

Click and Collect

At you can check the click and collect feature. A lot of groceries are put online and you can select them. After building your online groceries shoppinglist at, you can choose a date and time for the pickup. It works really well. An employee of the supermarket will collect al the different products for you. This save time!